All MTN Codes: MTN Cameroon Secret USSD Codes For 2024

MTN has just revamped its codes for use in Cameroon's telecommunications network.

What is a USSD Code?

A USSD Code is an entry that requests information from a server in a digital form and gets a return to the client with the specified information allocated to that code. 

If the USSD code is not found on a server, it will return an error message. So, all codes are readily programmed for a particular purpose to satisfy any demand on the network server.

All MTN Codes: MTN Cameroon Secret USSD Codes

How to Obtain USSD Secret Cheat Codes?

Cheat, or secret codes are relatively easy because they are programmed and released to the public by the network provider. 

However, some secret codes are known as system faults and leakages exploited by various administrators. A secret code can be defined here as a code, not everyone knows.

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All Codes For MTN Cameroon in 2024

Below, you will get the detailed tables with complete codes used by MTN:

MTN ServicesCodes
Customer Service8787
Know your MTN Cameroon Number*170*0#
Access all MTN Services and bundles*123#
Account balance Enquiry*155#
Credit Transfer ( Me2U Top-up)*150*amount*phone number*Me2U code#
Send a "Bip Me" (Call Me Back) Message*166* Number #
Subscribe to an internet bundle*157#
Check Internet  balance (remaining volume)*157*99#
MTN Mobile Money*126#
MTN Prolongations (borrow airtime)*121#  or *121*amount#
Account balance for MTN Prolongations (borrowed airtime)*159*86#.
Add a favorite number (Friends And Family – FAF)*165*1*number#
Delete/change a favorite  number*165*2* number#
Add a Magic Number*164*1*number#
Delete/change a Magic Number*164*2* number#
Subscribe to Easy Booster*167*1#
Unsubscribe from the Easy Booster offer*167*0#
Check the balance of the Easy Booster account*159*80#
Activate MTN Go (single price plan 1F/s )*190*1#
Subscribe to a WhatsApp bundle*701#
MTN Yamo*220#
MTN Extra*122#
Subscribe to a monthly SMS bundle (Unlimited Text ) at 500 CFA F*148*1#
Subscribe to a daily SMS bundle (Unlimited Text on the Go  at 20F/day)*148*5#
Check the expiry of the SMS bundle*148*9#
MTN Wanda*123*11#
MTN Wanda Net*123*10#
MTN Wanda Balance Check*123*10*99#
MTN Go Plans*123*12#
Balance Check MTN Go Plan*123*12*99#
International Voice bundles*123*13#
Balance inquiry for MTN Mobile Money Bonuses (After airtime purchase, bill payment, deposit …)*159*123#, *159*27# and *159*91#
Check balance call bonus *159*2#
Check  balance SMS Bonuses: *159*3#
MTN Play*128#
Subscribe to MTN Zik8706 or *146#
Unsubscribe from MTN ZikSend "Deregister" via SMS to 8706
MTN Rewards (MTN Loyalty program)*179#

Other Codes to MTN Services

Other MTN ServicesDescriptionShort Secret Codes
Account HistoryHistory of last 5 transactions (Internet and Calls history)*123*999#
Preferred Numbers (Numbers you call at preferential rates)List of Preferred Numbers*165*3#
Add a Preferred Number*165*1*Number#
Delete a Preferred Number*165*2*Number#
Magic Numbers (Numbers you can call, and they can call you in return at preferential rates)Add a Magic Number*164*1*Number#
Delete a Magic Number*164*2*Number#

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