List of House and Road Construction Companies in Cameroon 2024

 House and road construction companies have since surged in Cameroon. This increase can be attributed to the rise in the economy in keeping with the global industrial revolution.

Previously, it was common to see shabby houses by the roadside with no design. Furthermore, Cameroon road networks are plagued by road accidents due to poor road infrastructure. 

Several factors, such as poor project design, overestimation, corruption, and inexperience by most construction workers, can be attributed to this trend.

List of House and Road Construction Companies in Cameroon

In the past, urban highways were constructed mainly by foreign companies who needed more understanding of the area's geography. Thankfully, since 2015, there has been a rise in house and road construction companies in Cameroon. 

Most of these construction companies are focused on areas such as property management, hotel construction, installation of underground water, and real estate development. Few of these construction companies provided public services to the state, such as road construction. Here are the best road construction companies in Cameroon.

List of Best House and Road Construction Companies in Cameroon 2024

Below is the list of the best construction companies in Cameroon today:

1. George & Jerry Construction Company Ltd Buea, Cameroon

George & Jerry Construction Company Ltd is located in Buea and has always been known to be one of Cameroon's best road construction companies.
George & Jerry Construction Company Ltd is focused on constructing road networks, repairing and constructing bridges, electrical works, and selling materials needed for construction.
George & Jerry Construction Company Ltd

George & Jerry Construction Company Ltd became operational in 2004 and, over the years, have grown to be in good partnership with the government of Cameroon, international organization, NGOs, and telecommunication network companies such as CAMTEL.

2. SOCIETE BUNS (BUNS Construction)

SOCIETE BUNS was founded in 1993. It is one of the biggest construction companies in Cameroon, with an estimated capital of more than 250 million FCFA.


SOCIETE BUNS also renders services such as road maintenance, urban renewal, drilling, building construction, and structural engineering.

SOCIETE BUNS is responsible for major road construction in major cities in Cameroon, such as Edea, Douala, and Yaoundé, access points to Limbe stadium, etc.

SOCIETE BUNS also provides internship opportunities to students in and out of Cameroon.

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3. Hilotech Construction

Hilotech Construction offers top Quality Construction services, no matter how big or small a house project is. Their team has the expert knowledge and skills to ensure professional work for any residential Project.

Hilotech's mission is towards client satisfaction by delivering all construction projects within budget, time scale, and to the highest standards.

4. Bundes Construction (BUCRES)

Bundes is another road construction company in Cameroon. Its located in Limbe and is also known to provide other construction services such as home construction, property management, and project management.

Since its creation 27 years ago, the company has endeavored to hire only professional and experience skills workers in its arsenals.

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5. BABCAM Industries Ltd

BABCA Industries Ltd is one of the top-notch road construction companies in Cameroon. It's located in Buea Municipality. The company's sole goal is road construction and bridges.

However, over the years, it has also rendered some services, such as hiring heavy-duty machines, renting truck equipment, project supervision, and project management services.

6. INTEGC (Ingénierie et Techniques du Génie Civil)

Ingénierie et Techniques du Génie Civil (INTEGC) is one of the foreign construction companies in Cameroon. It basically involves constructing road facilities, bridges, real estate, water and energy, and hydro water dams for agricultural practices in Cameroon.

INTEGC has more than 250+ contractors in its arsenals, providing efficient and excellent services to the general public. 

INTEGC was created in 2000 and has grown to be one of the best construction companies in Cameroon over the past decade, with an estimated network of over 5 billion FCFA.

7. Macam Construction BTP Cameroon

Macam Construction BTP Cameroon is one of Cameroon's best road construction companies. Macam offers services in Structural engineering, project management, Engineering construction, and Geotechnical engineering.

Macam has been ranked one of the leading road construction companies in Cameroon. It has an excellent record of covering more than 1,000Km road networks.

Macam has completed over 10 different road project networks. The construction company has over 30+ foreign professionals and skilled workers.

Macam also renders construction services in renovations, painting, house extension, electricity set-up, and equipment rentals.


Increasing house and road construction companies in Cameroon has helped create employment. The growth has also improved work efficiency and expertise.

 Most Cameroonians are hired as equipment operators, laborers, etc. We expect more construction companies to emerge in Cameroon shortly.

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