Coffins In Cameroon: Types, Prices, and Where to Buy

 Death is a part of life and is inevitable, no matter the circumstances. Funerals and burials are an essential part of the culture in Cameroon, with funeral rites and traditions passed down through generations. 

The importance of funerals in Cameroon is reflected in the variety of coffins available, with different types and sizes depending on the individual’s religion and status in society. 

This post discusses the various types of coffins available in Cameroon, their associated prices, and where to buy them.

Coffin In Cameroon: Types, Prices, and Where to Buy

The uniqueness of coffins in Cameroon

Cameroon has a long and vibrant tradition of creating unique and beautiful coffins for funerals and memorials. The traditional coffins are made from wood and decorated with brightly colored cloth and figurines. Each casket is designed to reflect the life and personality of the deceased, often with symbols or shapes that relate to their profession or interests.

Cameroon’s coffin artistry is still highly regarded today, as coffin makers strive to make each coffin even more beautiful and intricate than the last. They will carefully craft symbols onto the wood and cover them with colorful fabrics, creating truly unique pieces.

Types of Coffins

1. Wooden coffins

These are the most traditional and popular types of coffin in Cameroon. They are usually made from high-quality wood; some even have ornate designs and decorations.

2. Metal coffins

These are also very popular, particularly amongst the wealthier members of society. They are highly durable and long-lasting and come in various styles and finishes.

3. Fiberglass coffins

These are becoming increasingly popular in Cameroon due to their lightweight properties, durability, and affordability.

4. Cardboard coffins

These are becoming an increasingly popular option as they are lightweight, affordable, and easy to transport.

5. Wicker coffins

These are an alternative option to wooden or metal coffins and are often decorated with flowers or other decorative elements.

6. Bamboo coffins

These eco-friendly options are gaining in popularity in Cameroon due to their affordability and sustainability.

7. Ceramic coffins

These are a relatively new option that is gaining traction in Cameroon due to their distinctive look and customization options.

Prices of Coffins in Cameroon

Prices of coffins in Cameroon range from 40,000 FCFA to 1,000,000 FCFA.

  • Wooden coffins range from 80,000 FCFA to 170,000 FCFA. This range depends on the type of wood used and the intricacies of the design.
  • Fiberglass coffins range from FCFA 150,000 to 250,000. They are lightweight and durable and available in various colors and styles.
  • Bamboo coffins range from FCFA 40,000 to FCFA 70,000. They offer an elegant and sustainable option for those looking for an eco-friendly coffin.
  • Metal coffins range from FCFA 200,000 to FCFA 275,000.
  • Cardboard coffins range from FCFA 100,000 to FCFA 500,000, depending on the quality and design. They are eco-friendly and often decorated with colorful designs.
  • Wicker coffins range from FCFA 110,000 to FCFA 150,000. They are lightweight and sturdy, making them a popular choice for many Cameroonians.
  • Ceramic coffins range from FCFA 350,000 to FCFA 1,000,000. They are handcrafted and make for a unique and beautiful funeral.

Where to buy Coffins in Cameroon

Many people turn to local craftsmen and carpenters for traditional coffins to design and build their desired coffins. These craftsmen can be found in various markets and towns across Cameroon, with their skills passed down through the generations. Popular towns include Yaounde, Douala, Bamenda, Buea, Limbe, etc.

Also, some online vendors sell all sorts of coffins in Cameroon. Many of these companies offer delivery services, so your order can be shipped straight to your doorstep.

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With so many options, deciding which is best for you can take time. It is essential to consider the size, style, material, price, and where to buy the coffin before purchasing. 

There are numerous places to buy coffins in Cameroon, from big retailers to local artisans. No matter what kind of coffin you are looking for, you will find something that fits your needs in Cameroon.

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