Cybersecurity Courses in Cameroon and Best Schools 2023

 Admittedly, only some institutions still offer high-quality cybersecurity courses in Cameroon.

But we have a few colleges that excellently train the next generation of cybersecurity engineers.

These are our focus in this article, plus the cyber security courses they currently offer.

Cybersecurity courses in Cameroon

Cybersecurity courses in Cameroon

Here are the best cybersecurity courses in Cameroon.

Certified Ethical Hacker (C.E.H.)

This is one of the leading cyber security certifications in the industry and a must-have for anyone aspiring to build a career in I.T. security.

The course covers 19 of the most critical security domains that any ethical hacker should be familiar with when setting up an organization's information security system. It is tested by the E.C. Council (International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants), a global leader in Cyber Security education.

You must pass EC-Council's demanding Certified Ethical Hacker exam to get the certificate.

Duration of study

6-9 months


The course is open, but you need to have a thorough understanding of computer networking, a bit of coding, and information security theory.

How much does the certified ethical hacker course cost in Cameroon?

Depending on the institution, the course comes with a cost, and you must cough up between 300,000 FCFA to 500,000 FCFA. Furthermore, you must set aside about $500 for the final exam.

Certified Information Security Manager(CISM)

CISM is highly valued in the Cameroonian market and can open many doors for you in the future.

The course demonstrates you have the necessary knowledge and experience to deploy super-effective security management services.

Indeed, those who earn the CISM certification join an elite group of cybersecurity professionals who sit at the apex of information security functions in both the private and public sectors.

It's one of Cameroon's best cyber security courses for those who harbor dreams of rising to head I.T. security teams in their firms.

The course is tested by I.S.A.C.A. (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) and covers the following domains:

  • Information Security Governance
  • Information Risk Management
  • Information Security Programs Management
  • Information Security Programs Development
  • Incident Management & Response

Duration of study

9-12 months


You must have at least 5 years of I.T. security experience, 3 of which must have been at a management level.

How much does the C.I.S.M. course cost in Cameroon?

The course will again cost you a pretty penny. For the exam, you should budget 150,000+FCFA, while tuition can set you back 340,000 FCFA to 550,000 FCFA on average.

C.I.S.A. (Certified Information Systems Auditor) course

We recommend C.I.S.A. for the following individuals:

  • I.S. (information security) consultants
  • I.S. (information security) Security & Control professionals.
  • Chief IS (Information Systems) Officers
  • C.E.O.s
  • Accountants who wish to venture into systems security
  • Information Systems Auditors
  • Internal & External Auditors.

The technical skills, expertise, and practices acquired in the C.I.S.A. program, tested by I.S.A.C.A., enable you to invent and establish controls to counter various threats.

Duration of study

9-12 months


Like CISM, you must have at least 5 years of I.T. security experience, 3 of which must have been at a management level to pursue C.I.S.A.

How much does the C.I.S.?A course cost in Cameroon?

The course has a similar fee structure to CISM. Budget 150,000 FCFA + for tests while tuition averages 350,000 FCFA to 550,000 FCFA.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (C.I.S.S.P.)

The C.I.S.S.P. is another globally recognized cyber security certification for those who desire to establish a career as an I.T. security professional and is the first information security course to satisfy the strict requirements of the ISO/IEC Standard 17024.

C.I.S.S.P. training covers every area of I.C.T. security and will help you become a top-rated information security professional.

C.I.S.S.P. is recommended for individuals at the intermediate stage of their careers, including I.T. security consultants/managers, I.C.T. directors/managers, I.S. security auditors/architects, system security engineers, C.I.O.s, and more.

Duration of study

40 hours (1-week crash program) in some colleges, but it can be several months if you're a part-time student.


5 years of I.C.T. security experience (full-time).

Where to take the C.I.S.S.P. course in Cameroon

How much does the C.I.S.S.P. course cost in Cameroon?

C.I.S.S.P. training costs 300,000 FCFA to 500,000 FCFA on average.

C.C.N.A. Security CISCO certification Cameroon

A CCNA Security certification shows that you're more than a network professional and can develop a robust security infrastructure, recognize various threats and vulnerabilities, and mitigate security threats.

Overall, this is an excellent addition for those who have completed the C.C.N.A. certification at any of the cisco centers in Douala, Yaounde, or elsewhere.

Duration of study

1 month.



How much does the C.C.N.A. Security course cost in Cameroon?

C.I.S.S.P. training costs 150,000 FCFA to 300,000 FCFA

Diploma in Cyber Security

Another course that can help you compete for cyber security jobs in Cameroon is the Diploma in Cyber security.

The problem is local colleges need to be accredited by the government to deliver this program, meaning you have to rely on foreign accreditations.

Explore international institutions like the Toronto School of Management.

CompTIA Security+

This globally recognized I.C.T. security certification validates your foundational skills and proves that yyou'recompetent enough to undertake core security functions in a firm.

It's good beginner course and perhaps the best starting point for new students or other I.T. staff interested in getting baseline skills in computer security.

Here you need to pass the CompTIA Security+ exam to be certified.

Be sure to combine it with advanced certifications like CISM and C.E.H. if you want to become attractive to employers.


You must have passed the CompTIA A+ and Network+ exams or possess equivalent knowledge.

In addition, iit'spreferred that you have about six-nine months of practical experience in networking (especially in configuring security parameters).

Duration of study

1-3 months

How much does the CompTIA Security+ course cost in Cameroon?

Fees vary, but like most C.O.M.P.T.I.A. network security courses in Cameroon, it starts at 200,000 FCFA. Meanwhile, the exam fee is at present set at $339.

Masters in Computer Security in Cameroon (Masters in Cyber security in Cameroon)

The master in a cyber security program is designed for Penetration Testers, Chief Information Officers, Information Security Architects, Network Security engineers, Incident Responders, and Forensic Experts in the Defense forces, Police Service, and private/public security enterprises.

The cost may rise above 5 Million F.C.F.A., considering that its taught in partnership with a Spanish University and could involve spending time in Spain.

Cyber security courses in Cameroon For beginners

Here are more non-specialized Cyber security courses in Cameroon.

These courses are ideal for those who want to gain general knowledge about I.T. security practices and standards.

Note that these have a low demand among cyber security firms in Cameroon, as some of those we reviewed above.

Digital Forensics Certification Cameroon

This is a local cyber security course by the Cameroon cybersecurity forensics association and is best for those who want to master digital forensics (preservation, identification, retrieval, and documentation of computer-based evidence concerning cyber crimes).

The fee is 100,000 FCFA to 200,000 FCFA.

Certified Secure Computer User(C.S.C.U.)

This again comes from the EC-Council and will educate you on how to protect your information assets.

As mentioned earlier, this is an introductory course for those who want to learn how to detect diverse computer/network security threats like credit card fraud, identity theft, virus and backdoors, phishing scams, email hoaxes, and more.

Cybersecurity Internship in Cameroon

Obviously, it's critical that you attend an internship during your studies or immediately graduate.

It will help you hone your skills and even land a job if you prove yourself during the industrial attachment period.

You should consider the following firms when searching for a cybersecurity internship in Cameroon.

  • M.T.N. Cameroon
  • Orange Cameroon
  • Banks in Cameroon.
  • Credit Unions in Cameroon.

Best Cyber Security Schools in Cameroon

Cyber Security Schools in Cameroon

There are four cybersecurity schools in Cameroon:

Catholic University Institute of Buea

Their mission: to prepare professional servant leaders with moral and spiritual values ​​who will contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.

Their vision: to bring hope to students and awaken in them a sense of purpose and direction so that they can achieve social, economic, spiritual, cultural, and environmental well-being in their particular communities and in the nation in general.

The I.C.T. University

The I.C.T. University runs a purely US-based program to provide quality I.C.T. and management human capacity development targeted explicitly for Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia. The University of I.C.T. is a dynamic institution that aims to establish itself as the premier destination for research, innovation, and the training of relevant scholars in the context of developing economies.

Seven Advanced Academy

Seven Academy is an I.T. training institute that trains young Cameroonians to have high-demand and high-paying I.T. skills. They aim to provide Cameroonians and Africans with highly paid and in-demand I.T. skills. Thus, they will be able to access high-quality jobs around the world. To democratize quality technical training by making it accessible to the most disadvantaged; so that they too can bring value to society; is their goal.

Grioty's Digital Academy

They train senior business executives, entrepreneurs, young workers, and students to master digital professions to enable them to acquire skills that respond to the digital market, which the world must embrace. Pace for several years.

Grioty's Digital Academy has world-class certified trainer with 10 years of professional experience in the digital professions. They cover areas such as:

  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity and Data Protection Management
  • Software and mobile development
  • Community management
  • Information system
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce


There goes our list of recommended Cyber security courses in Cameroon and the best places where you can pursue your career in cybersecurity.

As you have noted, we still don't have a specialized degree in cyber security in Cameroon, as in other nations.

For this reason, the best way to become a cyber security expert in Cameroon is by enrolling for a Diploma or Degree in I.C.T. (or computer science) and then registering for the certification courses mentioned in this guide.

Specifically, you can target C.O.M.P.T.I.A. Security+, C.E.H., and C.I.S.A. With these 3 plus a 3-6 month internship, you should be ready. Of course, you can take up more programs if your budget and time allow.

Note that the demand for cyber security experts is expected to continue soaring across the globe as criminals become more clever, meaning that you have an excellent opportunity to make tons of money with the right skills.

Recommended: ICT and Computer Engineering Schools in Cameroon.

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